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BillPay Demo

Texas National would like to remind you that we have a tremendous bill pay product for you and your bill payment needs.

With the bill pay product you’ll have access to these great features:

  • Search for vendors.  Add new vendors simply by typing in the company name. If a match is found in the database, the vendor’s information will be added automatically.
  • Schedule payments by the due date.  The product allows you to enter the date you would like your vendor to receive your payment.
  • Keep your money with you.  Your money will remain in your bank account until the day your payment is due to your vendor.
  • Set up reminders.  Never make a late payment again! When you setup reminders, you’ll receive a message telling you when your payment is due.
  • Pay from multiple checking accounts.  Choose which checking account to pay your bills from.
  • Make recurring payments.  Eliminate the hassle of paying your monthly bills by setting up recurring payments. This is a great option for payments that don’t change from month to month – such as your car payment or mortgage.
  • See it all at a glance.  The Payment Center lets you make payments and view pending payments, recent payments, and bill reminders all on the same screen.

For a detailed look at the new bill pay, please go to our website and click on the View Bill Pay Demo button located on our Homepage, then click on Watch Now. This demo will provide you with a high-level overview of what you can expect to see with the new bill payment product.

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